Convert a word document to image

I have this macro to convert all shapes in the document to an image in c#

Due to the fact that it just manages image format transformation, imagemagick will not take care of the MS Office layouts.

Where N was actually the amount of pages in your document. pdf2ps will certainly attain the very same thing, yet you’ll require to participate in around along with the command-line guidelines to obtain the exact same outcome high quality.

I am UNCERTAIN whether ImageMagik will perform this however my understanding it is actually ONLY for layout conversion of images as well as I think takes care of PDF also. What about Excel as well as Word?

Our team possess a need to convert any inbound documents which are either in Excel, PDF as well as Word to images. Any sort of recommendation?

As I need to publish the document if you find out a way to keep the equations as vector images I would be actually most happy.

For the MS Office products, I bear in mind that there is actually some kind of API that permits you accessibility to the set’s components (this was actually MS Office 2007, coming from mind), like opening up a documents and also exporting it to PDF. If you can acquire things bent on PDF, then you may use the strategy over to convert it to images. Some adverse aspects:

This was actually years back at my previous task, and also I can’t remember exactly what it was actually named or how to utilize it.
I bear in mind the result PDF format wasn’t wonderful (certainly not 100% like it seems on the display screen) yet it readable. This might have boosted due to the fact that I last utilized it.
I have an obscure recollection of it firing up an Excel window in the history, so it is actually certainly not completely a command-line option (might be actually improper for web servers).

Word carries out certainly not always save a report name, hence, for an image in a document unless that image is actually linked to an outside source. What it does retail store, however, is actually the image on its own with the essential info to handle it within the Word Open XML document. One part of the relevant information held is actually the visuals image kind as aspect of an inner partnership between the image as well as the document’s binary code.

Any format to PDF o OpenDocument (Text, Spread Sheet, Presentation) to PDF o Word to PDF; Excel to PDF; PowerPoint to PDF o RTF to PDF; WordPerfect to PDF; …
As well as more o OpenDocument Discussion (odp) to Show off; PowerPoint to Flash o RTF to OpenDocument; WordPerfect to OpenDocument o Any sort of style to HTML (along with limitations) o Support for 1.0 and outdated StarOffice layouts.

As you can observe, the report type is actually accessible right here. If you use conventional XML resources to analyze the XML string, you can acquire the details similar to this.

I am actually trying to find a totally free lib to convert coming from MS Word, WordPerfect and PDF to image. Is actually anybody aware of any kind of excellent, as well as up-to day JAVA public library?

I understand it is actually achievable to accomplish this MS-Office conversion ti images but I am still researching a method. We require to carry out this conversion of MS-office docs to images nearly on the fly therefore the demand of APIs.

The object design (whether JS or even COM) performs certainly not deliver any kind of straight access to this info. It can be reviewed, having said that, from the document’s Word Open up XML. This code can obtain the certain Word Open up XML string for the InlineShape in the OPC flat documents style.

A substitute to utilizing basic XML techniques would be actually to analyze words Open up XML using either the typical Microsoft Open XML SDK (C# or even VB.NET) or make use of the Open XML SDK for JavaScript (

I am actually attempting to get a compilation of the images in brief document. The information of the page: practically is actually a slice ‘n’ insert for the instances, and performs certainly not show in fact just how to obtain the images – merely the initial one.

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