Where to get Certificate for digitally signing PDFs?

Today I need to get a long-term cert but GlobalSign (in addition to VeriSign and also others) wish to offer me a service that requires extra equipment for the 2 element authorization which I carry out certainly not wish. Exists an additional procedure to get a cert that Adobe Reader will depend on (various other than having the end user through hand enter the cert in to the listing of relied on certs)?

The exam cert becomes part of GlobalSign’s “DocumentSign for Adobe PDF”. The explanation I had to utilize this cert is in order that my cert chains back to the Adobe Root CA, which to my expertise (and also I can be actually wrong) is actually the only CA that is depended on by Adobe Viewers away from package.

Adobe CDS: This functions in Acrobat 6+ but regarding I may notify needs 2 element verification as well as massive licensing expenses.
AATL: Rather of linking back to Adobe’s origin CA they rely on a certain checklist of service providers. Regarding I can easily educate they still need a components device. This only do work in Performer 9+.
Microsoft Window Certification: Acrobat features an inclination to include along with the home windows certificate retail store. This indicates that any kind of origin CA count on your home windows keep will definitely be actually relied upon through Adobe. They definitely require to have simply allowed this through nonpayment.

There are actually three strategies you may approach this. None which are actually ideal.

Verisign provides MyCredential for Adobe Acrobat for personally signing PDFs and Real Credentials for Adobe, but it likewise seems to need a USB token. You might be stuck to that.

The file you pointed out in the question is excellent. You need to produce digital signature files.

I believe you ought to have a look at DigiSigner. It is a PDF audience with digital signature performance. It is executed in java, so it can run likewise as an applet in the web browser on the client’s side. There are demos, which does exactly what you need.

The answer depends on specific architecture of your solution, i.e. where the document lies and where the certificates are located. If you have a server-side solution and the document is on the server and you have to sign it using client’s certificate, then you require to include distributed finalizing. This is possible using PDFBlackbox pacakge of our SecureBlackbox item with dispersed cryptography add-on which uses client-side modules (activex, flash control, java applet) for dispersed information finalizing.

This link has a tool that utilizes PKCS files and sign PDF files. It claims to use iText, so you ought to able to understand the actions. source code here.

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